10 Recent Neuromarketing Research Studies (and Their Real-World Takeaways)

Have you ever asked yourself why you like a certain brand? Why you want to buy Apple instead of Samsung? Why your mouse makes that sound when you click on your computer?

Nowadays, science gives you the answer and this is Neuromarketing, more exactly the Neuromarketing Research that allows brands to assess how our brain reacts to stimuli, not simply what we self-report in qualitative surveys.

What is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is a hybrid concept that links neuroscience with psychology and marketing, drillinginto your customer’s thinking using the modern medical technology in order to see their reaction to brands, designs, ads etc.

It reveals hidden information that is not visible in any other approaches. More and more brands want to decode why people buy what they do. In traditional marketing research, people are asked what they want, but most of them don’t know. Neuromarketing is focused more on the uncounscious decisions that drive our behaviour looking at various physiological changes that happen in the consumers’ bodies when they are asked a question. This way we get a smarter and evidence based strategy that boosts effectiveness.

Intriguing, right? 

The following article better answer to different neuro-research related questions, from discribing different types of research to arguing in the favor of neuro-research techniques instead of qualitative research in the prediction of the buying behavior.

The paper also suggests that a single research study is rarely the defining opinion. Instead, for experts, each study adds to a baseline of knowledge—sometimes aligning, sometimes conflicting with past research. However, for conversion optimization, heuristic analysis is the starting point. The quality of that initial, subjective analysis, which ultimately guides test selection and prioritizes implementation, depends on the depth of your expertise.

Find out more about how you can tap into consumers mind in this insightful article about 10 recent Neuromarketing Research Studies and their real-world takeaways.



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