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Offloading Cognition: The New Behavioral Science Approach to Winning Customers

In nowadays complex information environment, we have to admit that the number of choices is increasing. The volume of brands and products (sweets, clothes, cars – no matter what we want to buy) make it difficult for customers to process information. Even if the reason behind this paradigm is to maximize the individual freedom, and as a result of this – the customers wellbeing,  things are not as they seem.

Giving customers a bunch of choices and overwhelming them has a bad influence not only on customers, but also on businesses. Fortunately, behavioral science has the solution! The following article provides us with a new perspective: cognitive offloading and its implications. It gives new brilliant insights for brands and businesses in order to keep and win customers through making information, choices and behaviors easier for them.

For example, with the rise of technology, we no longer have to remember information. It is actually quicker, easier and more efficient to outsource mental activities to our phones, to other people or to the environment. The end result: winning customers and help their brains overcome constrains.

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