Workshop: Neuro CX MasterClass, Bucharest, November 21-23

Get actionable insights from the neuro-experts!

Is your brand looking for new ways
to attract customers and increase their engagement?

Customers will not accurately articulate or express their needs
or desires, you need to get to the root of these insights and
also learn how to use these powerful insights to drive
behavioral change and/or differentiated CX.

With #NeuroCXMasterClass, you will learn the nuances of
a successful experience strategy that is rooted in
how consumers think, feel and behave.


Client-side professionals that are involved in:
– Customer experience
– Consumer Insights
– Shopper & Market Insights
– User Experience
– Communication and marketing
– Market research
– Decision makers interested to improve their company’s CX.


The MasterClass will take place in Bucharest.


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Event: Neuromarketing World Forum, Rome, 2019


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