Customer Effort

The New Behavioral Science Approach to Winning Customers

Disruptive businesses like Uber and Door Dash are not growing because of superior “products” but by removing the unnecessary burden of having to move. They simply remove (exerting energy) physical action from the equation. Call it outsourcing action. Consumers want to move less and businesses that capitalize on helping customer be more efficient are reaping massive benefits. Think about it — Uber is removing steps, Amazon is removing clicks, Apple is removing eyeball movements. How are you appealing to our biological need to conserve energy?

Make customers move less = business win!

Simplifying the journey that customers have to take so that they benefit from a service or a product is an approach some companies consider worth taking. Generally speaking, it’s not about advocating “delighting” customers, but about making sure that customers don’t expend more effort than their are prepared to in order to do business with a company.

How Brands can help Customers Cognitively Offload?

Outsourcing is accomplished by looking at the activities in the customer journey and seeing how we can 1) reduce information processing, 2) simply decision-making and 3) making easier to act. Outsourcing mental activities can be achieved by using technology, environment or people.

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