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Chevy harnesses neuromarketing tech for 2019 Silverado ads

Chevrolet, in a first for General Motors marketing, used neurological monitoring to gauge viewer responses to ads for the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado.

Paul Edwards, vice president of Chevrolet marketing, said the monitoring allowed the brand to “validate or tailor” messaging for the 2019 Silverado. Chevrolet, he said, may use it for future laaunches.

“It was insightful because in many cases it validated what our approach already was in a very, very genuine way because people can’t lie or can’t say what they think you want them to say,” he said Monday morning at a media event near Detroit. “It’s the body’s response.”

Hundreds of pickup and nonpickup owners participated in the neurological focus group, which was conducted by a third party to monitor brain waves and “galvanic skin response” to determine what viewers thought of the ads.

The testing, according to Edwards, helped tailor the messaging but didn’t result in “any wholesale changes.”

Using neurological monitoring, which costs additional time and money, is a testament to the importance of the redesigned Silverado for Chevrolet, Edwards said.

Neuromarketing is an emerging industry that can be used for far more than commercials. To continue reading this article please access the official website.

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