Workshop: The Neuroscience of Effort – Why Customers Love it Easy by Buyer Brain

In an age where technology brings everything to our fingertips, we learn to resent the need to make an effort in order to get what we want.

One of the dynamics of living digitally is the incredible complexity of being constantly connected. With so much more now squeezed in, we need things to work with little conscious attention. This has put a premium on making brand engagement as simple as possible. The reorientation of priorities that is summarised in an organisation’s customer experience strategy shows this takes time and much experimentation until the effort to get something done is reduced to its bare minimum.

Customer service is by its very definition extra effort for most customers. Its reduction is therefore a constant challenge. Customers become more disposed to a brand for every service outcome that generates a positive emotional memory. This is customer experience management in action.

In her talk, Ana will explore these topics from a neuroscience point of view. She will look at emotions and the role they play and also at the implications of effort in shaping customer expectations and long term engagement.

Martin will present a framework for effort management that can be used in customer service environments that helps the whole team focus on the opportunities to reduce effort.

More details about the event, date, time & location, here.

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